Charlotte Jarvis is artist and lecturer working at the intersection of art and science. Her practice often utilises living cells and DNA: She has recorded music onto DNA, seen her heart beat outside of her body and is currently making the world’s first female sperm. Her recent work explores the future of reproduction and conceptualises the body as a liminal space – a site for transformation, hybridisation and magic. 

Charlotte makes large-scale multimedia installations and performances for international solo and group shows. Charlotte is currently resident artist at the Saragüeta group, IBYME Argentina; The Chuva de Sousa Lopes group, LUMC Netherlands; and The Culture Yard, Denmark. Charlotte has work on permanent display at MIT in the USA and the ARS Electronica Centre in Linz. Charlotte has been peer-review published in Leonardo Journal in the USA and is currently a lecturer and researcher at The Royal College of Art.